Shadows and Mist



The inspiration for this mystically beautiful print came from a photo contest held by the Seaplane Pilots Association. Hundreds of photos were submitted; but one pilot took the winning shot. Dan Gervae of Iron River, Michigan, won a print for his efforts. Dan was speechless when he saw the painting of his Taylorcraft aircraft. We hope you have a similarly positive reaction.

About Taylorcraft

It was designed by C. G. Taylor (the same guy responsible for Piper’s Cub). In the early 1930s, Taylor teamed with money-man William T. Piper; what the two came up with was known as the Taylor Cub. But the principals soon had a falling out and went their separate ways.

Taylor stuck with the idea of developing his brand, and the Model A Taylorcraft—a 40-HP two-seater closely resembling a J-3 Cub, but with side-by-side seating—soon hit the market in 1936. Then, on April 5, 1939, the Model BC was type-certificated. The newer Taylorcraft had control wheels in place of the Cub’s sticks and an entirely different wing.

These first Taylorcraft airplanes began to appear in substantial numbers in 1939 and 1940, just as the Great Depression was ending and World War II was beginning. Civilian production was suspended during the war but resumed in 1946 with the BC12-D.

Throughout these years, a seaplane version also was available alongside the wheeled models (e.g., BCS12D-85, type certificated in 1948). Significantly, no Taylorcraft landplane model produced up to this point featured a maximum gross takeoff weight exceeding 1320 pounds, making them all compliant for operation under the FAA’s light sport aircraft standard.

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The 16” x 20” prints are available in a Limited Edition size of 250 Signed & Numbered and 20 Artist Proofs. NOTE: THE ORIGINAL OF “SHADOWS & MIST” IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. CALL 863 644 5010 FOR MORE INFO.

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