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A beautifully restored white Taylorcraft sits outside its hangar at a friendly little airstrip. The airplane owner who commissioned the original of this t-craft airplane print has a long history with this aircraft. He got his first airplane ride in it at the age of four.

About the t-craft airplane, Taylorcraft Aviation

Taylorcraft Aviation is a longstanding aircraft manufacturer, and boasts a rich history spanning over seven decades, during which it has consistently crafted airplanes at multiple facilities.

Specializing in the production of compact, single-engine aircraft, Taylorcraft adheres to a traditional design philosophy. The t-craft airplane typically feature a high-wing configuration, are enveloped in fabric for their exterior, and are designed to accommodate two passengers. Remarkably, the foundational design of Taylorcraft airplanes has endured virtually unaltered since 1936, and this timeless design continues to be offered as a choice for personal sport aircraft enthusiasts today.

The Taylorcraft is a simple airplane. Like most designs that originated in the 1930s, all models are built around a welded steel fuselage and ribbed wings. The structure is then covered with fabric. Cable-operated control surfaces also are fabric-covered.

The systems are simple also. Early airplanes had no electrical systems, but the later Alliance-manufactured airplanes were equipped with both electrical and vacuum systems. Fuel capacity varies by model year with some models having both fuselage and wing fuel, some just fuselage fuel and the later models wing fuel only.

Like most designs of its era, the Taylorcraft won’t be mistaken for a luxury ride. Two adults of average size will bump shoulders in the cockpit and all but the shortest occupants will find their knees crowding the instrument panel; headroom is also tight, although adequate.

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The 16” x 20” prints are available in Limited Edition sizes of 300 Signed & Numbered and 30 Artist Proofs.

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