Originals For Sale
Most of Sam’s original paintings started as commissions, which means someone has paid him to paint a particular subject  (usually an airplane) in a specific setting. Obviously commissioned pieces are already spoken for. Occasionally Sam makes time to paint an original just because he sees an incredible airplane or something else inspiring.

People who own a Sam Lyons original tell us it is well worth the price. They get such enjoyment from displaying Sam’s incredible artwork.

One man told us how he looks at his painting every morning while he’s drinking his coffee and it makes him feel so relaxed and peaceful. The scene reminds him of wonderful experiences he’s had flying.

That’s the thing about Sam’s work … It transports you to a special time and place. Anyone who loves flying and aviation knows the feeling.

We welcome any questions you may have about the originals displayed here. If one of them appeals to you or makes your pulse race a little faster, we can send you a bigger and higher quality image. Feel free to call Sam or Mindy at Lyons Studio at 863-644-5010 and we’ll be happy to give you additional information.

Enjoy getting lost in Sam’s aviation art.

Each piece comes framed, as pictured, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.