Commission An Original by Sam Lyons


If you’d like to have an original Sam Lyons painting hanging in your home, it can happen.

The process is simple, fun, and the result is the best conversation piece imaginable. Besides having a work of art that you will cherish for its beauty and meaning, your investment is bound to increase in value over time.

Once you’ve decided to commission a painting for yourself or for a gift, you’ll talk to Sam about what you want. Just call him at the Studio at 863-644-5010 for a free consultation. You’ll see a sketch and approve it before he starts painting.

The majority of people who commission a painting want their airplane (or airplanes) to be the focus. Some have a specific background in mind; some let Sam fly with his own ideas (that’s really the best way to do it!).


Naturally the direction comes from you; but since you’re paying for Sam’s talent and imagination, you might as well use as much of both as you can.

Sam Paints Unforgettable Memories.

Take a look at a collection of original paintings that Sam was commissioned to do for specific individuals. The ones below are just a sampling of the dozens Sam has created over his 30 year career. The subject is usually aviation-related since that’s what Sam is famous for, however, it doesn’t have to be. You’ll see several examples of non-aviation pieces as well. Sam can paint just about anything in a spectacular way.

The proud owners of Sam’s commissions all have something in common. They have a strong emotional attachment to the piece. At first sight, they either tear up, smile like crazy, or gasp in amazement. And they all feel that the investment they made in their Sam Lyons original was well worth it.



Prices for an acrylic painting start at $4,500 and can go up to $15,0000, depending on size and complexity. There’s a wide dollar range because the time involved really depends on the elements in the painting (how many airplanes, structures, people, etc.), what kind of research is involved, and how big your finished canvas is. As you can imagine, the amount of detail that Sam includes in a piece of artwork is simply amazing and is quite time-consuming.

To give you some basic idea of prices:

  • A 18″ x 24″ original featuring your airplane with you in the cockpit and clouds as background would cost $4,500.
  • A 24″ x 36″ original with two or three airplanes, a hangar or building or two, truck, and a few people would cost between $7,000 to $10,000.
  • A painting measuring 2-ft. by 4-ft. that’s mostly airplane with ground, sky, and a few other things, might cost $12,000.



Payments are divided into thirds. The first payment is a non-refundable deposit that reserves your place on Sam’s commission list and gets him to start on the necessary research. We’ll give you an estimated date of completion at that time. If you need the painting for a specific occasion on a certain date, we’ll let you know for sure if that’s possible. We make every effort to accommodate you. Besides, Sam is a romantic and if you’re doing this painting for a loved one, he’ll bend over backwards to make it happen.

The second payment is due after you approve your black-and-white pencil sketch. The sketch will give you an excellent idea of the elements in the painting, especially the position and size of the airplanes. Naturally the sketch will not have the incredible amount of detail that Sam is known for.

The third and final payment is due once the painting is finished, prior to it being shipped. Your framed original will be shipped in a custom-made crate or sturdy box (built by Sam himself) and the shipping charges are additional. Shipping usually costs from $150 to $300 depending on size and destination.