Lee Bottom Bird



A GLOBE SWIFT RELEASE! The inspiration for this picture came from a regular visitor to Lee Bottom Flying Field in Hanover, Ind. We had asked readers of a previous Lyons Studio communication for ideas for Sam’s next painting. That led Sam to use the picturesque grass field as background, and the gorgeous silver and green Globe Swift as the featured airplane. The finished composition is sharp, beautiful and soaring. Lee Bottom is a haven for antique and classic airplanes. Go there for a visit if you can. If you can’t, at least get one of the 21.25” x 16” prints!

The Swift was designed by R.S. “Pop” Johnson in 1940. The design was financially secured by John Kennedy, president of the Globe Medicine Company, to be built by his new Globe Aircraft Company. However, World War II interrupted their plans, and the 85 hp (63 kW) GC-1A Swift advertised as the “All Metal Swift” re-designed by K.H.”Bud” Knox, received its type certificate on 7 May 1946. Two prototypes were built but essentially, the design remained the same as the type entered production. Globe built about 408 GC-1As.

Swift production ended in 1951. The type certificate for the Swift was obtained by Universal Aircraft Industries (later Univair) along with all production tooling. Spare parts continued to be built until 1979 when the Swift Museum Foundation purchased the Type Certificate, parts and tooling.

They are available in a Limited Edition size of 300 Signed & Numbered and 30 Artist Proofs.

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