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CO-SIGNED BY BOB HOOVER! This is the fourth and final print by Sam that features a Bob Hoover airplane and signature. Anyone who was lucky enough to see Hoover perform at an air show wasn’t surprised to see him do this. Who else but Bob Hoover would attempt to do a roll over immediately after take off … and do it so successfully. The world renowned pilot is flying his Sabreliner jet as a crowd looks on in amazement. The scene takes place during a Texas air show in the 1960s.

About the Sabreliner

The Sabreliner American jet was developed by North American Aviation. Military variants were used by the USAF, United States Navy (USN), and United States Marine Corps (USMC) after the USAF placed an initial order in 1959.
It was offered to the United States Air Force (USAF) in response to its Utility Trainer Experimental (UTX) program. UTX combined two different roles, personnel transport and combat readiness training, into the same aircraft. Bob Hoover was a flight instructor for North American Aviation during the Korean War.

About Bob Hoover

Hoover is best known as an air show display pilot, who flew for nearly 50 years until his retirement in 1999. Known as the “pilot’s pilot”, Hoover revolutionized modern aerobatic flying and has been described in many aviation circles as one of the greatest pilots of all time. Hoover flew flight tests on the North American FJ-2 Fury, F-86 Sabre, and the North American F-100 Super Sabre in the 1950s. In the early 1960s, Hoover began flying a North American P-51 Mustang at air shows around the country. Hoover demonstrated the Mustang and later an Aero Commander at hundreds of air shows until his retirement in the 1990s.

Hoover set transcontinental, time-to-climb, and speed records, and personally knew such great aviators as Orville Wright, Eddie Rickenbacker, Charles Lindbergh, Jimmy Doolittle, Chuck Yeager, Jacqueline Cochran, Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin.

Imagine Hoover’s Point of View!

Hoover was best known for his civil air show career, which started when he was hired to demonstrate the capabilities of Aero Commander’s Shrike Commander, a twin piston-engine aircraft that had developed a staid reputation due to its bulky shape. This was the beginning of Bob Hoover airplane magic. Hoover showed the strength of the aircraft as he put it through rolls, loops and other maneuvers, which most people would not associate with executive aircraft. As a grand finale, he would shut down both engines and execute a loop and an eight-point hesitation slow roll as he headed back to the runway. Upon landing he would touch down on one tire followed gradually by the other.

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The 16.75” x 25.25” prints are available in a special Limited Edition size of 250 Signed & Numbered and 30 Artist Proofs.

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