Cross Country Champ




Sam’s previous print starring an Aeronca Champ sold out so it was time for another. This one has all the elements of a classic Sam Lyons aviation piece. There’s the vintage airplane in prime condition, complete in every detail. You have an old-fashioned hangar that shows signs of use and character. In Sam’s imagination, this scene is one of many friendly stops during a coast-to-coast journey for a pilot with plenty of time to do what he (or she) loves most … fly.

The 16” x 22” prints are available in a Limited Edition size of 400 Signed and Numbered, 40 Artist Proofs, and 50 Prints on Canvas. If framed, it will consist of double mats (outer is a sand beige, inner is yellow), plaque, Aeronca patches, and medium brown, slightly weathered wood frame. Prints on Canvas come complete with off-white linen liner and wood frame, ready for hanging. NOTE: THE ORIGINAL OF “CROSS COUNTRY CHAMP” IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. CALL 863 644 5010 FOR MORE INFO.

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