Bettie at the Beach



1950s Pin-Up Icon Betty (Bettie) Page stands ankle deep in the ocean. A Coast Guard aircraft Grumman Widgeon is in the sky.

About Bettie Page

Bettie Mae Page (1923 – 2008) was an American model. Bettie gained fame in the 1950s for her pin-up photos. She was often referred to as the “Queen of Pinups”. Her shoulder-to-armpit-length jet-black hair, blue eyes, and trademark bangs were irresistible and photogenic. Bright as well as beautiful, Bettie was voted “most likely to succeed” by her high school graduating class. She went on to earn a B.A. in education.

Bettie Page, Pop Culture Icon

In later decades Bettie Page became a pop culture icon. Her image and style influenced artists for generations.

In 1987, Greg Theakston started a fanzine called The Betty Pages and recounted tales of her life. Numerous articles about the pop-cultural figure began appearing in the mainstream media. By then most of her photos were in the public domain. As a result, some entities launched Page-related products.

In a 1993 telephone interview with Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Page told host Robin Leach that she had been unaware of the resurgence of her popularity. Entertainment Tonight produced a segment on her. Page was living in Los Angeles and Greg Theakston contacted her and extensively interviewed her for The Betty Page Annuals V.2.

In 1993, her brother Jack persuaded Page to pursue royalties through Chicago attorney James L. Swanson, who with Karen Essex wrote the 1996 coffee table book Bettie Page: The Life of a Pin-Up Legend. In 1993, Page signed with Mark Roesler and Curtis Management Group, later CMG Worldwide. Page occasionally autographed pinups at her agents’ offices in Los Angeles.

Jim Silke made a large-format comic featuring Page’s likeness. In the 1990s Dark Horse Comics published a comic book based on her fictional adventures. Eros Comics published several Bettie Page titles, including the tongue-in-cheek Tor Love Bettie which comically suggested a romance between Page and wrestler-turned-Ed Wood film actor, Tor Johnson.

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