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Aviation Art Hangar

This print captures the amazing sight of a Maule aircraft launching out of her airplane hangar. Mr. Maule loved doing that!
This ‘aviation hangar wall art’ actually depicts an airplane hangar!

About Maule Air

Maule Air, Inc. is a manufacturer of light, single-engined, short take-off and landing (STOL) aircraft. The company is based in Moultrie, Georgia. The company delivered 2,500 aircraft in its first 50 years of business.

The aircraft produced by Maule Air are tube-and-fabric designs and are popular with bush pilots, thanks to their very low stall speed, their tundra tires and oleo strut landing gear. Most Maules are built with tailwheel or amphibious configurations, although the newer MXT models have tricycle gear.

About Belford Maule

Ohio-born Belford D. Maule (1911–1995) designed his first aircraft, the M-1 starting at age 19. The self-taught pilot showed mechanical aptitude early, building a tractor and motorizing an ice cream freezer and ice saw before constructing his first plane. He joined the army at age 18, and while assigned to the 19th Airship Company, Langley Field, Virginia, built a single-seat midwing monoplane. It was powered by a Henderson 27 HP motorcycle engine.
In 1941 the B.D. Maule Co. was founded in Moultrie, Georgia. Maule produced tailwheels and fabric testers. In 1953 he began design work, and started aircraft production with the “Bee-Dee” M-4 in 1957. Working with Lycoming Engines he built “the hummer,” a low cost mechanical starter for light aircraft. In 1940 Mechanical Products Company was formed for its manufacture. The following year he organized the B. D. Maule Company to build a Maule designed light aircraft tail wheel. The company still produces an improved steerable full swiveling tail wheel.

About ‘Be Back in a Minute’ Prints, aviation art hangar.

The 16″ x 21″ prints are available in Limited Edition sizes of 300 Signed & Numbered and 30 Artist Proofs.

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